1. Video of @Harry_Styles pants pulled down @OneDirection RT @fresh_OD


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  2. #RayJ #newsingle - i hit it first @KimKardashian wonder if @KanyeWest is pissed?

     Ray J just dished out the dirt on Kim Dash, lol, all i had to say was ” lmao “.              

    Ray J's controversial single “I Hit First It” dropped two hours ago, and there's no doubt that people will be talking about this stunt for a minute. Just a day after Ray J owned the Internet with the song's pixelated artwork, we're able to hear the record, which is as deliberate as the title led everyone to believe it'd be. For example, the chorus goes: “She might move on to rappers and ball players, but we all know I hit it first.” It's that literal.

    Now that the track’s out, one can only wonder how much of a circus the music video is going to be. Lookalikes, bitterness, and desperation are all sure to be present elements in the clip. Of course, we won’t know exactly how the visual turns out for at least a little while, but we can speculate.


  3. Selena Gomez- Come & Get IT #newSingle #NP ~#london @fresh_OD

    Im not really a massiv fan of hers but i must admit. this new Single of 

    Selena Gomez - ” Come & get IT “  has a zing to it. After carefully listerning to it for about 15min or so I’ve mad up my mind  ” i like it “.

    Now the question is who is she sending those subliminal messages to ? i wont call no name, in other to protect the guilty. but i hope her listerns hard and takes in the message!


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    #orientalFriday #sexy  why i love malaysia #continent

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  5. rnortal:

    hi almost 5k!

    who ever thought of this is either crazy or massively #creative

    this would have never crossed my #mind

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  6. What Gorjuz suppose to look like #tattooed #bodyart

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    Gratuitous Giles admiration.

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  8. What happens when a #pussy gets #slapped #pg13


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    In the early 20th century, the term “shooting brake” referred to a car used by men of wealth and leisure, large enough to carry hunting equipment. The term still applies today, yet in a different sense, as embodied by Bertone‘s stylish reinterpretation of the Aston Martin Rapide: the Rapide Jet 2+2. Adding utility to an already high-functioning car, the Bertone’s Rapide Jet 2+2 extends the existing silhouette to lend the car luxurious head, leg and storage room. The interior is adorned with two-tone black and beige leather, while under the hood rests a V12 giant with a 420 horsepower pulse. Look for the Bertone Aston Martin Rapide Jet 2+2 to premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next month.


  10. #broken tongue .lol